Human Connection

Human Connection

What’s your take on friendship? More importantly, how do you decide with whom you really connect with, someone more than a friendly acquaintance? I have a good number of friends, but “connection” on a deeper level seems more unique. Human connection is different for all of us, but my experience is “we kind of feel it in our souls.” When you google the term “human connection” a lot of good words and phrases come up – see if they resonate for you.

Belonging, energy between people, paying attention to one another

Being understood, being heard, valued without judgement, healing, comforted

Studies show that such connections are linked to heart health and support other medical conditions in a good way, reducing stress and depression. We are social creatures even if we are shy or less outgoing. With COVID, for example, some experts describe an “emotional recession” – we have had less touching, more isolation since the coronavirus. It hasn’t felt good.

We have complicated lives. I’m thinking each of us carries some kind of burden, maybe grief, confusion, emotional pain. There are so many struggles we have as humans. But take time to imagine being at home and among those with whom you are at ease, even in the heat of some foolish action. Sometimes we act rashly or wander into lands we should not go. That does not mean we are not loved.

One of the cool things about true human connection is we get rid of any false fronts or fake personas; we are more open to being vulnerable. We act from the very bottom of our hearts. Horace writes “Nothing shall I, while sane, compare with a dear friend.” Some of us may have to learn openness to broaden our human connections. It is possible, one word at a time.


Today’s message: Develop and prioritize human connections! Kindly, Barb


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